Friday, April 23, 2010

Nirina interview by Jessie Jordan

April 9th

Just Something to Do

The interview with Nirisia had a really relaxed vibe to it. It was in Café Doris on a sunny Friday in spring, and it wasn’t hard to make conversations with her.

She was born in Madagascar. The reason she moved here with her family was because of her husband’s job. Here she started a carpet cleaning business but now she's tired of it and working up at Johns Hopkins. There was a neighborhood cook in her hometown, and she kept chickens in the backyard. They take family vacations to Europe a lot and go to Madagascar every two years.

All of us really wanted to know the wildlife and asked if she saw ringtailed lemurs often and she said no, but there are monkeys everywhere. When she first came to the States she was shocked at how Americans are scared of little animals because over there she has to worry about big animals. She talked about the chickens in her backyard.

She liked to compare student's work ethic and multitasking and how kids here can make art out of anything here. We also compared foods. Her favorite American food is chili, while over there it's all about the rice and vegetables.

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