Tuesday, February 22, 2011

People from Lexington Market

February 18, we went to the World Famous Lexington market. Lexington Market, an historic market in dowtown Baltimore is a truly warm place. In April, Lexington market organizes "Lunch With the Elephants." Once the elephants arrive, they are treated to the world's largest stand up vegetarian buffet. They dine on 1100 oranges, 1000 apples, 500 heads of lettuce, 700 bananas, 400 pears and 500 carrots. Baltimore is the only city in the country to host this event on a yearly basis. It's just not Spring until the elephants come to Lexington Market. For sure, we'll be present!

This one was made a week before. We have to come back to the Baltimore's Victorian Glass Palace, which is also the Druid Hill Park Conservatory greenhouse.

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