Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Grand Prix Baltimore

Week 1 - Baltimore Grand Prix Racing Paddock
drawings by Aaron Provost, Sarah Hepworth, James Harper, Yerin Kim,
Kate MacDonald

To say that I was a touch surprised about going out on the town in week one would be more than an understatement. To say that I had ever expected to find myself at a Grand Prix would be a lie. The day was full of the unexpected and oddly fun. Getting a chance to meet a driver, have a team from the big race take an interest in what I was doing and having lots of fans taking my photo as I sat drawing was a pleasure. While getting out of class early would have been a welcome fast track back to laziness at home, being out on the town instead was something I didn't know I would enjoy so much. Getting to know the people from the class was also quick and easy. It was a name and a place later we were chatting it up about anything and everything. I have high hopes for what I'll be able to accomplish and the direction that this course will end up taking my work. This is exactly what I had hoped for in a course and it's only week one.
- Aaron Provost

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