Thursday, March 31, 2011

Michelle Porucznik - Portrait

Over spring break I had the chance to go back home and visit my family. My parents both have very intense backgrounds, but I never really knew to what extent so I decided to interview my dad. He grew up in the south-western region of Poland on a farm with 4 other brothers. He told me a few stories that I had never known, one example being that he was kicked by a horse when he was 13 years old and was in a bed ridden coma for a few days, unable to ever find out if he had a concussion. He moved to the USA in his mid 20's, settling in the Northern area of New Jersey. He went to a technical school for auto-mechanics, then worked for a few businesses here and there, and eventually saved up enough to buy his own business where he still works today. He now supports a family of 7, me being the middle child of 5.

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